Sand Blast Equipment
TSA-135 Rotary Indexing Type Blasting Machine


1. Equipped with adjustable vibrating mechanism to vibrate the nozzles.
2. The spindles are not turning at loading and unloading section to protect the operator and the work pieces.
3. Spindle rotation speed is adjustable.
4. Components are blasted individually avoiding collide with each other.
5. Equipped with an adjustable timer to control the blasting time.
6. Equipped with a safety design – Automatically stop the rotating table when something stuck.






For components that are not allow to be collided with each other such as aluminum objects, propellers, lamp shades, milling machine cutters, sockets, wine bottles, perfume bottles, plastic bottles (cups)                              





Model TSA-135
Machine Dimension(mm) 1300x1700x2900mm
Media Screening System 口 4 Station 口6 Station 口8 Station
Dust collector Dimension 1050x1350x3000mm
Dust collecting motor 3HP