Sand Blast Equipment
TSA-117 TSA-117 Cyclone Blasting Machine

1.The cyclone tank is designed at the top of the machine. Based on the gravity and drop-in-level theory ,the efficiency of processing is higher than typical machine which the sand tank is at the button of the machine.

2.The cyclone tank is adjustable and the abrasive from mesh #26~mesh #300 are well applied for the type. The cyclone-blasting machine is easy for operation, well airtight, non-pollution, abrasive materials acceptable, and never lossing.


Main functions: rust & burrs removing of mold, performing the surface, grinding and polishing the mold, the surface (RA)adjusting of mold And cleaning the carbide oxidized film.etc...


Model TSA-117
Machine Dimension(mm) 1100 x 1400 x 3000 mm
Working Space(mm) 1000 x 900x 900 mm
Cyclone Tank 400ψx 500L

□7ψ,  □8ψ,  □9 ψx 1支

Dust Collector Motor 1 HPx 220Vx 3P
Dust Collector Filter 9 pcs