Shot Blast Equipment
TSA-112 Rotary Table Shot Blasting Machine

This blasting machine is suitable for factories that engaged in precision casting, alloy aluminum,heat treatment and gear parts that should avoid collision. The parts are placed on the round rotary table.

This machine performs single side blasting on work piece, which are then turned over for blasting the other side. Machine’s start is manually controlled, and the stop is automatically controlled. A continuous rotary type shot blasting machine for Aluminum Alloy wheels is also available. Contact us for details…





Steel shot recycling system: Screw Conveyor is equipped with a sieving screen for separating big grits,which will be emitted automatically.

An air operated steel shot separator, built on the elevator, fully separates steel shot from heavygrits & dust to reduce the consumption of wear resisting parts.

Equipped with a steel shot storage tank and an adjustable steel shot supplier (manual adjust byair control), ensures a certain constant steel shot supply and shorten the blasting time. 






Model TSA-112-1 TSA-112-2
Processing Capacity ψ1200x500Hx500kg ψ1500x500Hx700kg
Blast Wheel 2sets 2sets
Blast Wheel Power 50HZx15HPx2sets
Rotary Table ψ1200(mm) ψ1500(mm)
Dust Collection Powe 2HPx2Px1set 2HPx2Px1set
Total Power 50HZ=34HP
60HZ=24 HP
60HZ=24 HP
Net Weight approx. 3800kgs approx. 4200kgs
Dimension 2500x3200x3800H(mm) 2800x3500x3900H(mm)