Shot Blast Equipment
TSA-118 Apron Type Shot Blasting Machine


Designed for blasting medium and small parts, such as cast iron, forged , aluminum,

precision Cast iron, heat treatment, and other small pa rts.An explosion-proof model is

also available, especially ideal for small magnesium alloy parts.


Model TSA-118 TSA-154 TSA-154A
Apron Conveyor Driving Power 1HP 1/2HP 2HP
Blast Wheel 1set 1set 1set
Blast Wheel Power(HP) 口7.5 or 口10 7.5 20
Dust Collection Power(HP) 口1 or 口2 3HP 3HP
Total Die.(mm) 2500x2300x3700H 2400x3600x3400H 3980x2980x4600H