Shot Blast Equipment
TSA-206 Continuous Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine

Equipped with a safety device for shaft, providing safety guard for parts replacement.

Steel ball collection system: screw conveyor is equipped with an 8mm sieving screen for catching and removing heavy grits.

An air operated steel ball separator, built on the lifter, fully separates steel balls from sand and dust,reducing parts wear to a minimum.

A steel ball reservoir, located on the lifter, combined with adjustable steel balls supply (manually adjusted through air control), ensures constant steel ball supply and reduced blasting time.


Model TSA-206 TSA-206-2
Processing capacity(mm) ψ700x1000H ψ900x1000H
Blast Wheel 2sets 2sets
Blast Wheel power 15HPx2sets 15HPx2sets
Pulse Jet type dust collector power 3HP 3HP
Dimension(mm) 2800x3100x4300H 3200x3500x4300H