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Carbide Borate Nozzle
Spare parts
Carbide Borate Nozzle

The unique feature of venturi nozzle

The bore shape of a Venturi nozzle determines its blast pattern. Venturi Bore
nozzles creat a wide blast pattern and increase abrasive velocity as two times
of straight bore nozzle. Long Venturi style nozzles yield about a 40% increase
in productivity compared to straight bore nozzle, while abrasive consumption
can be cut approximately 40%.


1. RICH SOU BORON CARBIDE NOZZLE Can be connected to other Abrasive
    hose directly - Straight bore nozzle or Venruri bore nozzle.

2. RICH SOU angle blast nozzle 20 or 40 degree

3. RICH SOU blast head 360°

4. RICH SOU connector

5. RICH SOU nozzle holder

6. Customized nozzles can be manufactured According to unique customer
     designs or sample